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In Scarfies, five Dunedin students find themselves in a free squat, and a dark place, after taking a criminal captive in their basement. The debut feature from Robert Sarkies starts as a comic tribute to Otago student days, then turns into a psychological thriller. Outside of the two Warriors movies, Scarfies was the most successful Kiwi release of the 90s on home turf. It went on to scoop best film, director and screenplay awards at the 2000 NZ Film and TV Awards. This excerpt sees the scarfies torn between dealing with the crim and a footy match at Carisbrook.


A Perspective by Ian Pryor 19.12.2008

Some films defy categorisation, and refuse to sit snuggly in their box. Sometimes the combination of too many flavours spoils the meal, and you end up with an unconvincing, inedible gloop. But in the right hands, the result can be something ...

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Credits (17)

 Robert Sarkies
 Lisa Chatfield

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 Fran Cohen

Fran Cohen

Go Rob, you're awesome,

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Go and see this film — not out of loyalty to the local industry but because it is genuinely funny. 
... it’s easily the most outlandishly entertaining New Zealand film for years ... 


2000 New Zealand Film Awards
Best Film
Director: Robert Sarkies
Screenplay: Duncan and Robert Sarkies
Actress: Willa O'Neill
Supporting Actor: Jon Brazier
Editing: Annie Collins

Festivals include
2000 Sundance