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  1. Part one of five from Episode One: The Reverend Traitor. (Full length)

  2. Part two of five from Episode One: The Reverend Traitor. (Full length)

  3. Part three of five from Episode One: The Reverend Traitor. (Full length)

  4. Part four of five from Episode One: The Reverend Traitor. (Full length)

  5. Part five of five from Episode One: The Reverend Traitor. (Full length)

  6. The credits from episode one.


The Governor was a television epic that examined the life of Governor George Grey in six thematic parts. Grey's "Good Governor" persona was undercut with laudanum, lechery and land confiscation. NZ televison's first historical blockbuster was hugely controversial, provoking a parliamentary inquiry and "test match sized" audiences. It won a 1978 Feltex Award for Best Drama. In ‘Episode One: The Reverend Traitor', Grey arrives to colonial troubles: flag-pole chopping Hōne Heke, missionary Henry Williams, and rebellious Te Rauparaha.


The Writer's Perspective by Keith Aberdein 22.01.2010

When, in the early 1980s it was announced the Governor-General would attend the Circa production of Greg McGee's Foreskin's Lament at the Wellington Opera House, the great but rabid defender of New Zealand ...

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A background by Paul Stanley Ward 22.01.2010

The Governor was touted as television history even before it had screened: "New Zealand's War and Peace" was how TV One's Head of Drama, Michael Scott-Smith described the concept in 1975. Boosterism for preview screenings reads ...

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Credits (26)

 Tony Isaac
 Auton Lowe

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Comments (10)

 Philip Monolagi

Philip Monolagi

George Henare killing it as Hone Heke!!!

 Nadine Rodriguez

Nadine Rodriguez

Great to see a young Lani Tupu as a extra!

 Ngawai Tomlins

Ngawai Tomlins

Thank you so much, I see myself in Episode One Clip 4. I was part of Upper Hutt Rugby League Club, played role of a mother and 2 little boys. Can identify a lot of members what a great memory for those who have since passed on. Kia Ora

 Vivienne Bibby

Vivienne Bibby

I was an extra when they filmed at Hudson's property at Tikokino. My first and only appearance in a commercial film.

 Darren Schroeder

Darren Schroeder | website

RIP Corin Redgrave

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Veteran television script-writer Michael Noonan’s screenography reads a little like...


It [the Governor] has made Māori matter. If Pākehā now have a better understanding of the Māori point of view; if the Māori, particularly the younger generation, now have a pride in their race, it stems from The Governor. 
Quite deliberately and with the arrogance of relative youth we'd set out to bring down a few flagpoles of our own. But as Heke understood, flagpole lowering has to be repeated. 
As a fellow-adulterer and master political manipulator Muldoon may have identified with Grey. 


1978 Feltex Award
Best Drama