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NZ telly's longest running children's show turns 30 with a two hour, live extravaganza — far removed from its modest beginnings as a half hour pre-record in 1981. Current hosts Charlie, Johnson and Gem are joined by a parade of past presenters who reminisce, and compete to find the show's best decade. Masterchef finalist Jax Hamilton provides snacks, celebrities send greetings; and — in amongst the cupcakes, gunge, fart jokes and mayhem — the programme enters its fourth decade as an institution, watched by the children of its original audience.

Credits (22)

 Kerry Du Pont
 Reuben Davidson
 Jeff Clark

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 Patrick TePou

Patrick TePou | website

Charlie Panapa has been with What Now since 2005 and was one of the show's longest serving hosts since Anthony Samuels (1995-2003 respectively). He has now left as part of the 'Charge in for Charlie' promotion.

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Looking back, it was plain see, that we had the coolest job in kid's TV. Let's get all gungey again. 


2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards
Nominated for Best Children's/Youth Programme