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Hero image for Choice Night

Choice Night

Short Film (Full Length) – 2010

Profile image for George Mason

George Mason

As: Wardy

Profile image for Pearl McGlashan

Pearl McGlashan

As: Jenny

Generic Profile image for Aaron McGregor

Aaron McGregor

As: James

Profile image for Louis Sutherland

Louis Sutherland

As: Old Boy

Profile image for Cushla Dillon

Cushla Dillon


Profile image for Chris Dudman

Chris Dudman


Generic Profile image for Jac Fitzgerald

Jac Fitzgerald


Generic Profile image for Matthew Horrocks

Matthew Horrocks

Executive Producer

Profile image for David Long

David Long


Profile image for Vicky Pope

Vicky Pope


Profile image for Paul Stanley Ward

Paul Stanley Ward


Generic Profile image for Matt Stutter

Matt Stutter


Generic Profile image for Ben Whale

Ben Whale

Production Designer

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