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Close Up - Big Dealers (featuring John Key) Television (Full Length Episode) – 1987 News/Current Affairs

Close Up - Big Dealers (featuring John Key)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1987 News/Current Affairs

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Simply gambling is correct. A follow up on DFC would be interesting. In the market DFC stood for duck for cover, and the government tidied that one up.
These guys were not earing money for NZ, they were earning it for the banks and themselves.


Phil 21 Jul 2014 - 10.58pm

New World Order full steam ahead


Anonymous 23 Jun 2014 - 03.22pm

@ Thomas - You might be thinking of a segment featuring this documentary from The Unauthorised History of New Zealand, hosted by Jeremy Wells.

Michael Potton

Michael Potton (NZ On Screen team) 4 Jun 2014 - 03.09pm

@John Key - What happened to the bit that showed John Key with a hose going down inside his trousers, so he could urinate without having to leave his desk? It was in this very video here a while ago, has it been edited out? Why?


Thomas 30 May 2014 - 11.27am

Black Monday was Oct 19th in 1987. Was actually Tuesday in NZ. This episode was played in September before the crash and so if it had been a few weeks later the conversations would have been very different. NZ took years to recover from the cowboy trading which peaked in 1987. Some would say faith in the NZ market still has not recovered.


Jason 2 Oct 2013 - 09.56am

Every second their jobs are on the line. Poor them! Peoples lives are on the line thanks to them!!!


Waldegrave 20 Apr 2013 - 01.06pm

His competency is secondary to his purpose. His skill and insight have not alerted him to the fact that our debt based monetary system is killing us; that we have scarcity and poverty for the many; that an "export driven economy" is the biggest lie this country had ever swallowed from a financial perspective. The catch phrase should have been something synonymous with a "self-sufficient economy". Our country (like almost every other) cannot survive without exorbitant debt and huge exports and imports. These two things keep us poor and entrapped. Our country is managed by international bankers who like party politicians to do their bidding. So what is John Key's purpose?...

Gordon Wilson

Gordon Wilson 23 Mar 2013 - 01.48pm

Wasn't the stock market crash in 1987, this is simply gambling.
Good to know he is now running the Country and continuing to sell, sell, sell.


Jonny 28 Sep 2012 - 10.27am

I love the old technology. It's a totally different world now.


Nick 28 Sep 2012 - 07.26am

I don't agree with quite a few things his government is doing but in a GFC. I voted for John Key because he was the best choice for our treasury and nz financial security. this confirms my thinking. I wonder where Phil goff would have taken us??

Te Aniwa Tutara

Te Aniwa Tutara 28 Sep 2012 - 06.44am

I‘m a winner, you’re a winner!... sick bucket NOW!

Paul D

Paul D 27 Sep 2012 - 11.33pm

"The following title contains minor defect from the original" Yeah right! Making out the film got damaged. Everyone knows John Key had a word to them and got them to edit out content that made him look bad.

John Key

John Key 19 Sep 2012 - 05.22pm

JK is a slick money salesman who is leading New Zealand. Pity his Government isn't leading all Kiwi's to a more egalitarian future. He's smart and is clearly in it for the ego, not the money per se.


Phil 4 Jul 2012 - 08.42pm

hes not thinking 5 minutes or 5 hours or even 5 days ahead. hes thinking 5 seconds... hes the best ive seen in 12 years..


ed 3 Jul 2012 - 10.11pm

I think I'm going to be sick ! I have to have a shower and a nice cup of tea with my therapist now . Those perverse creatures drove Porsche . I'm buying a Corolla . the mentality displayed here is what brought the worlds finances to it's knees and fueled misery and deprivation .

Alhabibe O'RIley Mate

Alhabibe O'RIley Mate 3 Jul 2012 - 06.04pm

Me and my son Graeme don't ;like this man. He is too successful

Mad Mary

Mad Mary 3 Jul 2012 - 10.42am

The problem with these guys is that it's all upside. If they get lucky, they take home million dollar bonuses, if they screw up, the worst that'll happen is that they'll lose their job. The same thing that's happened with the banks - private profits, public losses. I'd put up with that oh so terrible pressure if I was gambling other people's money too.

Silver Stream

Silver Stream 2 Jul 2012 - 11.47pm

@Taika. Do you think John Key's only income is that from being on the PM payroll? John Key has invesments all over the place, and many decisions he makes as PM will make the his investments grow, along with the investments of his mates.. . . In the meantime he is cutting vital social services to families and children and making the poor poorer... He is not making NZ any money, he is just shuffling the money around (he's an expert money shuffler) and it's all being shuffled to the top tier.


Dee 2 Jul 2012 - 09.36pm

Why is it that people conflate intuitive luck at gambling with a deep understanding of economies and all their complexities? Not the same thing at all - economies are tools for ensuring the wellbeing of the people living in and contributing to the society which economies are designed to serve - financial markets are full of young men running on fear and adrenaline with no concern for the impacts of their decisions beyond their own commission.


SEM_dunedin 2 Jul 2012 - 02.51pm

1987: The last time there was an international Financial collapse which took over a decade to get out of.


Jeepers 22 Jun 2012 - 02.20pm

the haircuts match the theme music!


tim 23 Jan 2012 - 12.24pm

john key is obviously the devil ;)


sam 2 Dec 2011 - 05.27am

I'm not sure what use foreign exchange trading is for a PM. I would rather have someone who understands people and the impact of his policies rather than someone who knows how to short the currency.


Daniel 5 Nov 2011 - 01.30pm

Great video, he comes across really well. To be able to make those educated decisions at the drop of a hat is impressive. And I liked the way he answered the questions about his salary and losses, even though his track record and salary were probably right up there he wouldn't be lured into bragging about it.
An ideal background for a PM to have, someone that understands economies, critical thinker, handles pressure and stress. For the people that say 'who wants a greedy PM that only cares about money?' do you really think people become PM for the pay packet? I'm sure it's a drop in the bucket compared to his previous job. And yeah, I would want someone who understands world economies and can make the right decisions to keep our country afloat ( check out Greece, Italy and Ireland right now, yikes).
I wouldn't be interested in having someone 'who's just like us' as PM, the common man would be too short sighted and send the country broke after their term was up. Like what Labour was on their way to doing with ACC, etc.


Taika 4 Nov 2011 - 06.29am

@Ted: that dropkick would be me (possibly it was all the squash, champagne and waterbeds that made me dozy). After re-watching the clip, I've changed 'breathless' to 'intrepid' ... cheers

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 13 Oct 2011 - 02.32pm

Who was the dozy dropkick who described me as 'breathless'? That's about as accurate as saying a television executive is intelligent.

Ted Sheehan

Ted Sheehan 13 Oct 2011 - 12.44pm

Perfect for a politician. He gambles with other peoples money.


Sam 4 Aug 2011 - 10.54am

Thank god we have a Prime Minister of NZ that knows how to run an economy! Not like the Helen Clark bulls**t we've had for so long.


Supman 21 May 2011 - 10.55pm

Personally, i can't see any benefits for the average New Zealander in having a PM at the helm of the country, who's interests seem to be purely personal greed and ambition. Hardly a good track record to careing about the welfare of people from all walks of life.

Johnny Sauce Pants

Johnny Sauce Pants 24 Dec 2010 - 09.05pm

The smiling assassin is pretty apt. There's nowhere he wont travel for a photo op... He's prob the most dangerous PM we've had for a while as everyone seems to thing he's great. Anyone know who else is in the National Party? He's a one man band. Is that good or bad?


WAR 26 Oct 2010 - 11.34pm

Fascinating. But given the appallingly and heartless money-first money-above-all legacy that Margaret Thatcher bestowed upon the UK, I am not sure whether it is to NZ's advantage to have a PM with a pedigree in financial markets but, clearly, apparently no fine taste in interior design!

David Cade

David Cade 2 Oct 2010 - 06.25am

There has to be worse places to find a PM than the top of the FX market. What was his trading record after this doco was made?

Rob Franklin

Rob Franklin 16 Sep 2010 - 11.30am

John Key is a top man. Very down to earth and the best PM this country has ever had.

Jamie Simpson

Jamie Simpson 8 Sep 2010 - 10.12pm

"These guys came very close to bankrupting the country in 1985, and all in the name of a quick buck. "
From memory it was the Muldoon era flawed government policies and the hangover from think big that nearly sunk us, not the development of a healthy FX market, which incidently is a neccessary adjunct to a freely floating exchange rate.


AJ 6 Sep 2010 - 11.03am

I think this is pretty interesting - John Key certainly has a pretty good knack for judging popular opinion on political issues and then changing his position, maybe a skill he picked up foreign exchange trading?

Harry Chapman

Harry Chapman 5 Sep 2010 - 09.46pm

I have a hunch in these comments we'll get to see confirmation bias in action - those of us who think Key sucks lauding this over him; those who love the guy showing how this demonstrates his awesomeness.

Super. Fantastic internet debate awaits!


Michael 2 Sep 2010 - 11.17pm

These guys came very close to bankrupting the country in 1985, and all in the name of a quick buck.


Jim 2 Sep 2010 - 08.18pm

It is great to have someone like this at the Helm of our country who can think on their feet and make such big and instant decisions at such an early age . Very Capable, understands financial trends and doesnt spit the Dummy under pressure.
I am a small business owner not at all political, but bloody impressed with him as he must have learned a hell of a lot more of these skills since this video was made.

Tom McCall

Tom McCall 2 Sep 2010 - 07.36pm

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