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Hero image for If You're in it, You're in it to the Limit - Bikies

If You're in it, You're in it to the Limit - Bikies

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1972

The way I look at it: some people join the army, some people join the Salvation Army, some people join bowling clubs, some people join tennis clubs ... I join the Hells Angels.
– An Angel on joining a club
Not being in the public interest
– The NZBC Executive’s reasoning for not screening the documentary
It does something to you that’s for sure. You get on a bike on a nice warm sort of a day and you start going pretty quick ... you get a feeling that’s something rare I think. You're free, you’ve got the wind around you and all that sort of carry on.
– A Hells Angel member, responding to an off-screen prod that riding a bike is almost a sexual feeling
They [the public] sneer at you and you have the odd blue n’that — that’s fair enough — all the blokes who have a patch or are gonna get a patch, they’re gonna back you to the limit. You feel secure in that sense. You’ve got the law [who] look down their nose at ya [...]. I think some of them would like to be what we are [...]. I think some of them are legalised bullies.
– A Hells Angel member on how the Angels are perceived by public and police