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The Price of Fame

Television (Full Length) – 2000

They're a commodity — a piece of meat that the public own. They own them. In a second you can do something wrong in a game, and you lose; the public, instead of 'oh they're wonderful', they kiss you, they're spitting on you. And that's how hard that public is. If you've missed the winning try then you've got to understand that they'll come and cut your legs off.
– Stu Wilson on the All Blacks
I think fame is attractive though. I think that the media wants you to believe that fame is attractive ... You're always with these images of famous actresses and singers and the whole lifestyle that goes along with it. Everybody gets addicted to it.
– TrueBliss member Joe Cotton
You know being famous is fun. I get really sick and tired of people saying how awful it is, and 'oh I can't go out my front door'. Its like you knew what you were getting into, and I've seen you having a bloody good time being famous...
– Women's magazine editor Wendyl Nissen