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Shortland Street - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1992

Anna Cathie

As: Lisa Stanton (patient)

Suzy Clarkson (née Aiken)

As: Jill Johnstone

Danielle Cormack

As: Nurse Alison Raynor

Lisa Crittenden

As: Director of Nursing Carrie Burton

Angela Dotchin

As: Kirsty Knight

Michael Galvin

As: Doctor Chris Warner

Paul Gittins

As: Michael McKenna

Martin Henderson

As: Stuart Neilson

Adrian Keeling

As: Paramedic Tom Neilson

Elizabeth McRae

As: Marjorie Neilson

Temuera Morrison

As: Doctor Hone Ropata

Rene Naufahu

As: Paramedic Sam Aleni

Krista Nobilo

As: Tara Milburn (patient)

Chris Bailey

Executive in charge of Production

Richard Barker

Production Manager

Graham Bollard


Marcus Boroughs

Art Director

Naomi Burke

Production Coordinator

Lesley Burkes-Harding

Costume Designer

Carey Carter

First Assistant Director

Alan Coleman

Executive Producer

Tina Cross

Singer - Main Theme

Jason Daniel


Caterina De Nave


Roger Grant


Richard Hansen


Jason Herbison


Fran Hodgson

Vision Switcher

Wendy Jackson


Johannes Konigstorfer

Post-Production Supervisor

Peter Langford

Production Designer

Brian Lennane


Nicholas McPhee


Gary Moore


Kirsten Muxlow

Assistant Editor

Neil Newcombe

Sound Mix

Don Reynolds

Executive Producer

Paul Samuels


Malcolm Saunders


Gavin Strawhan


Mani Wichman

Make Up and Hair

Dave Worthington


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