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Such a Stupid Way to Die Short Film (Full Length) – 1971 Documentary Educational

Such a Stupid Way to Die

Short Film (Full Length) – 1971 Documentary Educational

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"Thomas Coogan, will tomorrow night, BE DEAD" *Cue Nightmare sounds*

This line was burned into my eight year old brain at school (despite us not going on any sort of camp).


Adrian 31 Dec 2019 - 10.10pm

The music where the guy died was Pink Floyd's "Come In, Number 51. Your Time Is Up"


Chris 24 Jun 2019 - 09.23pm

Never EVER go out bush unprotected!!!!

Philip Monolagi

Philip Monolagi 25 Jan 2015 - 11.57pm

I remember watching this one, Onslow College I think, and I thought it was about a serious thing - and I wasn't even into tramping! Mind you, some of the sex education films were also met with laughing.

Stu Mountjoy

Stu Mountjoy 3 Dec 2014 - 11.29am

I saw this in 1977 at my form 1 week long camp at Piha beach, when I grew up in Auckland. At that time it was a relatively recent film and in those days was one of many educational films - they were our av component of our learning.

Very impressionable film and quite dramatic with its quite emotional film score, and always remember the serious (and far younger) Ray Henwood and the overacting. Not very common to see smoking trampers these days!


david 2 Nov 2014 - 08.03pm

A classic piece of Kiwi film-making; I remember seeing it at primary school in the mid-1970s, and it certainly stuck in my mind: jeans and alcohol were the bushcraft crimes that lead to death by hypothermia, a term I'd never heard before.

Shaun Barnett

Shaun Barnett 30 Oct 2013 - 04.45pm

I remember seeing this when I was in the Army years ago. It was given as an advisory piece before we went bush on an exercise. I found it a bit scary as did quite a few others of us gallant young part-time soldiers!


Terry 19 Mar 2013 - 01.46pm

Heh, I remember seeing this in intermediate school back in 1983 or thereabouts. Sounds like the music was swiped from the Beatles' "A Day in the Life".


Ed 7 Aug 2011 - 08.41pm

it would be interesting to watch this video here i found on the NFU's website, its dated 1955 and covers Bushcraft and mountain saftey


Shaun 22 Aug 2010 - 10.55pm

I too saw this before 3rd form camp to TripleX hutt in the Ruahines.
I found the films opening statement with its music quite eerie.

Thomas Coogan
Palmerston North
I knew every year when a new class had just seen the vid.

tommy coogan

tommy coogan 24 Jun 2010 - 06.27am

I remember them showing this film to us in 1997 before our school camp, i thought it was old even then! lol


Shaun 18 May 2010 - 04.58pm

Hi. Archives NZ has the film info sheets for all of the NFU films including the Pictorial Parade editions from about 1950 onwards. These cover key production staff on each film including composers when they were commissioned. According to the film info sheet the music used on Such a Stupid Way To Die came from music library disks. If you really want to know you could try looking at the original production file at Archives NZ which may have the music cue sheet with the disk and track names listed. Cheers David

David Smith

David Smith 26 Jan 2009 - 09.48pm

Unfortunately the credits were often not complete on the early NFU material. Even the actual credits clip doesn't show them for this one!

25 Jan 2009 - 11.50pm

Shame there are no credits for the music/composer. Is it possible to find out?

chris white

chris white 25 Jan 2009 - 05.09pm

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