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A last-minute addition to their 1979 album Graffiti Crimes, 'Computer Games' was a huge hit for Mi-Sex, reaching number one in Australia, two in Canada and five in NZ. Computers and arcade games were a real novelty in 1979 and the band's synth-driven sounds were a perfect match. The video starts with the band breaking into the Sydney data centre for then-supercomputer giant ControlData. Printers spew paper forth, and as the band performs, old school graphics including a driving game and TIE fighters, are projected behind them. Advance one level on green!

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 Sarah Hammond

Sarah Hammond

Still a shame about Gilpin's death. Every non-kiwi who I've shown their music too, has enjoyed their sound.



some pretty good computer graphics there, must've been shot later than 79



Just finished watching Steve Gilpin perform on the Pop Co Christmas special from 1974...hard to believe it is the same musician here. Big Mi-Sex fan in the day. Saw them play in Palmy North. Great



A Great Song...


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