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Sione's Wedding Film (Trailer) – 2005 Romance Comedy

Sione's Wedding

Film (Trailer) – 2005 Romance Comedy

R16 Restricted
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Sione's Wedding is feel-good feature comedy about four 30-something guys who must each find a girlfriend before their best friend Sione's wedding — or be left out in the cold. Through the efforts of these bumbling blokes to get the girl(s) Sione's Wedding brought to life the colour and humour of New Zealand's urban Samoan community in Auckland, the largest Polynesian city in the world. A breakthrough PI-Kiwi film, Sione's broke box office records when it opened in cinemas throughout New Zealand in March 2006. Actor Oscar Kightley co-wrote with James Griffin.

I was surprised by the degree to which the film just fell into people's hearts. Even years later, I'm meeting people who say they go home every night and watch it after work to cheer themselves up.
– Oscar Kightley, in a 13 January 2011 interview with Bridget Jones


Available on DVD from South Pacific Pictures and Products New Zealand - (titled Samoan Wedding outside of New Zealand).


The Sales Agent for this title is HanWay Films.


Made with funding from the New Zealand Film Commission in association with NZ On Air.

Village Skycity Cinemas, Joseph P. Moodabe.


Soundtrack album available through Dawn Raid Entertainment.

Distributed by Universal Music NZ Ltd.