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Smash Palace is a Kiwi cinema classic and launched Roger Donaldson's American career. Al Shaw (a brilliant, brooding Bruno Lawrence) is a racing car driver who now runs a wrecker's yard in the shadow of Mount Ruapehu. His French wife Jacqui is unhappy there and leaves him, taking up with Al's best mate. When she restricts Al's access to his young daughter, his frustration explodes and he goes bush with the girl, desperate not to lose her too. "There's no road back" runs the tagline. New Yorker critic Pauline Kael called the film "amazingly accomplished".


A perspective by Richard King 30.08.2008

Kiwi author Hamish McDouall is not alone in calling Smash Palace a masterpiece; "not only because it wrestles outrageously with difficult subject matter, but because it contains two of the most astonishing acting performances [Bruno ...

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Credits (26)

 Roger Donaldson
 Keith Aberdein
 Sean Duffy

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The chemist assistant: 'I can't (be kidnapped) I've got a hiar appointment at three o'clock.' Classic!

 Philip Monolagi

Philip Monolagi

Bruno's greatest film performance to date!!

 betty sinclair

betty sinclair

saw it again last night ---- it is so cinematic---- and has many levels-----its a rolls royce of a movie and will stay .

 Rex eagle

Rex eagle

Hi Clarion, thanks for your tip...have been on site...they have sold use a good NZ term....Bugger!!!!

 Clarion Wells

Clarion Wells | website

Hi Rex,

You can purchase Smash Palace from ScreenLine at


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God Foley, what do you want from my life? You've got my wife and the kid. Tell you what, I'll give you the shirt from my back. Here yar. She bought it. 
Bruno got that scene by the scruff of the neck. He just marched up to that door... and he cut loose. it was the quintessential Bruno. 
Used to give me the creeps living out here in the middle of nowhere. That's why I left. I couldn't stand it Tiny. I tried to talk to Al about it, but we never got anywhere. 


1982 Manila Film Festival (Philippines)
Best Actor: Bruno Lawrence