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Bob Stenhouse offers an animated ode to the "nation of drunkards" (as New Zealand was tagged in the House of Lords in 1838). Set in 1902, a shepherd tricks a Mackenzie barman out of a bottle of ‘Hokonui Lightning', but too much pioneer spirit sees him haunted by the devil's daughter (or a case of delirium tremens). The Chicago Tribune called the macabre humour and distinctive look "lushly conceived". It won the Grand Prize at the Hamilton International Animation Festival (1986) in Canada, and was nominated for a 1986 Oscar for Best Short Film (Animated).

Credits (7)

 Bob Stenhouse
 Hugh Macdonald
 Martin Townsend

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Comments (2)

 Johyn Dix

Johyn Dix

Great stuff. Is that Arthur Baysting narrating the "Painting With Light" segment?

 Ross McCrostie

Ross McCrostie



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 National Film Unit Collection
 The Horse Collection


1986 Academy Awards
Nominated for: Best Short Film (Animated)

1986 Hamilton International Animation Festival (Canada)
Grand Prize

1986 Asia/Pacific Film Festival
Best Animated Short