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Graham Kerr, NZ’s first celebrity chef, abandons his usual show format to answer queries from his studio audience about food and cooking. Topics covered by the soon-to-be world famous Galloping Gourmet include how to stop scrambled eggs drying out (add cream), battering oysters (never) and when to make Christmas cake (at least six months in advance). The show is a fascinating preserve of mid-60s cuisine – from crumbed cutlets and spaghetti bolognese to Kerr’s own curious ‘Long White Cloud’ dessert. Kerr, of course, is as witty, charming and urbane as ever.

Credits (3)

 Brian Bell
 Derek Morton
 Graham Kerr

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Comments (7)

 Maggie Gee

Maggie Gee

I loved his shows!

 Kevin Breedveld

Kevin Breedveld

I was just two when this show was done. I have seen it played on TVNZ Heartland and thought "that lady must be my Mum" and it is. 4:40 into this track asking about water or milk in a fish batter. (Helen Breedveld, then of Upper Hutt now in New Plymouth)

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

@Michael if you would like copies of The Graham Kerr show et al (and there isn't a lot available) you can make a footage request to TVNZ Archives here:

 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

@Michael Unfortunately these shows aren't available on DVD anywhere. We'll work on getting more episodes on the site though :)

 Michael Fenwick

Michael Fenwick

Oh, my! He has a British accent here! The last time I saw him on television he seemed so Americanised.

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 NZ Broadcasting Corporation


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I can’t think of anything actually worse than cooking an oyster. 
I wish you, as always, good entertaining, and God bless you all.