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Classic sci-fi TV series Under the Mountain follows the adventures of redheaded twins with psychic powers — Rachel and Theo — as they battle the alien Wilberforces. This fourth episode sees the twins venture into the aliens' submarine lair for the first time. The lair's uterine production design, the NZSO score, and still-creepy transmogrifying SFX contributed to the slimy imprint the series left on a generation of NZ kids, haunted by the giant slugs slithering underneath Auckland's volcanoes. The award-winning series was adapted from the Maurice Gee novel.


Writing the Wilberforces by Ken Catran 15.10.2012

Under the Mountain, which screened for the first time some 30 years ago, was a defining moment in my career as a scriptwriter. Oddly enough it is also linked to Anwar Sadat, President of ...

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Maurice Gee goes Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee 27.08.2012

Children in dreadful danger while around them the adult world carries on unaware. That was my first and abiding idea [when writing the Under the Mountain novel]. The fantasy of an invading alien race is common enough, but I wanted the ...

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One of the best kids series Ive ever seen. It used to genuinely scare me in a good way though! I could'nt wait to see the next episode. I live in the UK and used to watch it in the 80's. Guys thanks for this its an absolute masterpiece. They don't make them like this anymore everything seems to be sugar coated nowdays! I would love to talk to some of the cast as well particularly Bill Johnson if he is still with us?


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 The Sci-fi Collection


What were those things? 
He’s the only one who can speak in our minds, we’ve got to help him! 
Didn’t you see Mr Wilberforce changing? He’s not human, and we’ve seen too much. 
It’s black ... what does all this mean? 


1982 Feltex TV Award
Best Drama