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Don't Let it Get You Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1966 Music Māori Comedy

Don't Let it Get You

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1966 Music Māori Comedy

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Is there anywhere on the internet I can watch the whole movie and not just trailers?

Susan Hoysted

Susan Hoysted 13 Oct 2019 - 08.42pm

@ Murray Bott, there is no DVD of this film available unfortunately and it has not been distributed before in that format. At this stage there has been no mention of a release in the future. It's great to have the film showing on NZ On Screen.

27 Aug 2014 - 06.28am

Is it possible to obtain this movie on DVD anywhere ?? if not, will it ever be released onto DVD in the future ??

murray Bott

murray Bott 26 Aug 2014 - 12.59am

I was the grip. My first movie. What a party! I'm also an extra in about 4 places. What a hoot to watch it now, 47 years later. So many friends, so many stories.

Jon Woolf

Jon Woolf 28 Dec 2013 - 06.21pm

My dad was the drummer his stage name Gary Wallace real Gary Wahrlich. Im his son Jason Wahrlich that my name on facebook

Jason Wahrlich

Jason Wahrlich 1 Aug 2012 - 02.00pm

Great fun times. Over the years I must of watched this movie 20-30 times and never get sick of it. The cream of NZ talent back in the day and memories are plentiful. Great stuff.

Ray Fidow

Ray Fidow 16 Jun 2012 - 01.59pm

This was absolutely fantastic! Thankyou to who ever made it possible to watch the entire movie here for free, you've allowed a flood of memories rush back! I vaguely remember seeing posters around advertising this movie, and I think my brother bought the soundtrack but I definatly had 'Don't Let It Get You' as a single by Howie... What a great time capsule! Much love., Cameron

Cameron Fahey

Cameron Fahey 14 May 2012 - 06.56pm

I hated this movie the first time I saw it. I was taken to see it by my Mum and StepPop, and couldnt see the point way back then.
I love it now.

That would have been an 'outside the square' kind of movie to make back then, and no doubt no box office records were broken.

Well done to all that stepped out the square way back then.

Glad they did.

Venus Yerkovich

Venus Yerkovich 21 Nov 2009 - 12.55am

I was surprised to watch the scene with Kiri Te Kanawa. I was one of the children in the scene. In the original version there was at least a 30 second close up of my face watching Kiri sing and also my sister had a line "Sing for us Kiri." This scene has obviously been edited. I don't remember the shots of the two children at the end. On the night it was filmed there was a mixture of Maori and Pakeha children. What happened to the Pakeha children?

Laurel Ward

Laurel Ward 10 Nov 2009 - 11.42am

That was old. My mums from rotorua. I was born in 65.
Thats what she used to dress like. Was good to see Howie when
he was young. Quite handsome too.
Sad to hear about his passing.
Haere Ra Howard.

jocelyn light

jocelyn light 22 Oct 2009 - 04.43pm

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