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Hero image for Contact - The Turn of the Wheel

Contact - The Turn of the Wheel

Television (Full Length) – 1981

You might be well out in front, with a 10 second lead, and you start thinking about winning the race. I always swear at myself and say, 'don't think about those sort of things, just concentrate on what you’re doing!', otherwise you’re off … into the weeds.
– Dave McMillan
I had to get Murray, my mechanic, to cut an eighth of an inch off [the end of the wire holding his face together after an accident] so I could get my helmet over my head.
– Dave McMillan
Motor racing is a very complex sport. It’s entertainment business of the highest sort because of the stakes …
– Alan Bouverat, McMillan's racing team manager
Motor racing nowadays is a pure money game. If you want to go into Formula 1 or any sort of motor sport there’s money involved. My case is that I’ve had to prove myself before I could go and get a sponsor. In some cases with some of the sponsors I’ve had I’d had to go back three or four times until they’re aware that they need me, and they’ve got to have me.
– Dave McMillan