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After a young woman falls pregnant, she decides to go against the tide of advice from her family and unsympathetic welfare authorities by keeping her baby. Misery and hardship ensues. Director Paul Maunder brought kitchen sink drama to New Zealand television with this controversial National Film Unit production. The story can claim to have effected social change, stirring up public debate about the DPB for single mothers. Keep an eye out for a young Paul Holmes as a moustached wannabe lothario.


Backstory to Gone Up North for a While by Costa Botes 20.09.2008

While studying at the London Film School, Paul Maunder was impressed by the films being made by Ken Loach; films of social significance, that employed a naturalistic, almost documentary style.

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Really interesting to see early work from Television New Zealand.....some very natural acting, and it certainly highlights some of the difficulties unmarried Mothers encountered in those days....stigma being very relevant, and lack of social supports.



Thanks again Brenda (and why are you working on a Saturday afternoon!).

I enjoy visiting the NZonScreen website, it's wonderful viewing the old clips. The item on Wellington's "Dusties" (refuse collectors) is great, as I grew up in Wellington when it was filmed, so it is all quite recognisable.

I remember when "Gone up North" was first screened in 1972, but I was too young at 15 to be allowed to stay up and watch it and I think it was deliberately screened quite late (9pm! - parent's exercised control on what their children could watch back then!). However, I do recall it was a controversial film and attracted a lot of debate in the media for years afterward.

Quite apart from NZonScreen making this material available, its great that you are also including information and notes about the film makers involved in the productions. This really increases the value and pleasure from (re)watching the programmes. Thanks again, Chris.

 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

The films are in parts so that you don't end up loading the whole film when you might only want the first bit. Given the state of NZ's broadband we found this was the best approach to having high quality video without causing people to blow their data caps inadvertently - at least this way they can choose to do so!

Incidentally, if you use Chrome or Safari as your browser, you can select the HTML5 version of the player - that one has an 'autoadvance' option, which will play clips one after the other automatically. We're going to be rolling this feature out for all browsers soon.

Enjoy the film!



Thanks Brenda. I have my screen resolution set to 800x600 and did not see the "clip selector" on the right. All OK now.

Incidentally, why are the films divided up into parts anyway? Why not have just one file? Thanks again, Chris.

 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

Hi Chris. When you get to the end of the first segment, you select the next clip and it's the second (of four). Alternatively you select the next one from the clip selector alongside the player. They're all there :)

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1973 New Zealand Feltex Award
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