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Smith (Sam Neill), is devastated when his wife runs off with his best friend, Bullen (Ian Mune). He takes off to the Coromandel. Meanwhile, New Zealand is at war with itself and the government has enlisted an anti-terrorist force to viciously crack down on its opponents. Smith is framed as a revolutionary and arrested, but escapes. Bullen, now a guerrilla, hides him and tries to persuade the reluctant Smith to join the revolution. Directed by Roger Donaldson, the adaptation of CK Stead's novel Smith's Dream, heralded the new wave of New Zealand feature films.


A perspective by Richard King 31.08.2008

Sleeping Dogs heralded the new wave of New Zealand feature films in the late 1970s, and was a key factor in the establishment of the New Zealand Film Commission. It was also the first New Zealand film released in the United States (a feat ...

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Credits (36)

 Roger Donaldson
 Ian Mune
 Arthur Baysting

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 Charles Eggen

Charles Eggen | website

For those interested in the 2-disc set: It can be found for about $40us new, or half that used. My website has details and links.

 John J Knight

John J Knight

Hey there Scoot, I have a DVD that was out as a double with Smash Palace, bought it in A Kiwi shop in Brisbane. If It's available over here, should be available in Godzone. BTW I think it is one of the best NZ movies ever... Cheers, John

 Scoot C

Scoot C

Where can I get a copy of the whole thing???

 litsa chronis

litsa chronis

best old movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hamish Towgood

Hamish Towgood

"We did it boy! we did it! we're on our bloody way!". The first big international seller to come out of New Zealand, and what a way to start. A favorite film of mine, Sleeping Dogs gets more re-runs on my dvd player than any other New Zealand film.

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(The film) almost single-handedly created a climate of acceptance within the country for a Kiwi film industry. 
... don't you ever worry about killing the wrong man? 
For a debut, Sleeping Dogs is precociously accomplished ... like Hitchcock's Saboteur, Sleeping Dogs is suffused with paranoia, mistaken identity and breathless chase. Unconventionally and convincingly, Donaldson makes the case that there is no such thing as existentialism, no personal gains to flying solo.