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Mr Wrong Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1985 Thriller Adaptation Comedy

Mr Wrong

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1985 Thriller Adaptation Comedy

M Mature
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I was in this film sort of. I was in the train in the shot where you see the woman in the rain with the train going behind her. It was filmed in Featherston. We heard the bells going all morning and went to investigate. To get all us "rubber neckers" taken care off they told us to get in the train so we could be in the movie. Clever ploy indeed.


Petrik 14 Jun 2013 - 09.21pm

I had to watch this for 3rd form English and remember it vivid ly. I have never seen it since and don't know where to find it. Can anyone help?


Kai 14 Feb 2013 - 11.33pm

Also i sometime that went to asleep myself in the bedroom that can make me memories to get too frighting to be copy the bad dream like them so I get up to scream middle of the night that I was search to look out for other more DVD on the old movie past in the Wlellington of the Film industrys that can never those forget movies that why i do understand it there were involved in these murder someone didnt know to used their old car to be spooked.

Carol-Anne Turipa

Carol-Anne Turipa 13 Dec 2011 - 07.57pm

I can remember about this horror of the very interested movies of the ghost at the dark of the Night and when I was 11 year old that has watched on the TV it made up a film in the Wellington Industry so there was woman standard on the walk alone by on the railway to be step in the jagar car with other lady to look mirror back in the vision window to be vanished so I grow up to be adult of that keep my memories of those old movies on that woman was a red hair to be very fighting and used to buy a old jagar old car that their was the murdered of paper the report in the woman so I would like to watched it there again as soon.

Carol-Anne Turipa

Carol-Anne Turipa 13 Dec 2011 - 07.52pm

Mr wrong is one of the best horror films ever made. I first saw this film back in 1988 when i was 12. It was on the t.v one night and me and my siblings decided to watch it. You know what it is like, you want to be scared when your young because you think its funny. My two sisters gave up watching it just after Meg ( Heather Bolton) heard the ghostly gasps from the back seat of her jag. They were too frightened to watch so went in to bedroom. Me and my mum continued to watch and when the end came it frightened the hell out of me. Mary Carmichael smiling at Mr Wrong (David Letch) was enough to give me nightmares for weeks.

Years passed and me and my mother were dicussing horror films when we both said "do you remember that new zealand film about the haunted car". We could not for the life of us remember the name and i was gutted, so it was left.

Back in 2008 the conversation came up about the most frightenings films in our time and again Mr wrong came up. I decided to find out what it was called so i googled new zealand horror films about haunted cars and it came up. I recognized the girl on the video box straight away.

I brought it from amazon last september and scared myself silly all over again. At 32 this film still had an affect on me. I didnt appreciate the great acting in it. I think heather bolton is brillant and was glad to read she won an award for best actress. But i was disappointed that the brillant David Letch won nothing. I know he is only in it for a short time, but the impact he has on the screen as the sinister looking Mr Wrong is well performed. David Letch appears to be quite sweet looking when he first jumps in to megs car looking like a drowned rat. But as the conversation turns offish and a bit pervy David's performance is great. The most memorable part of the film for me was just after Meg flees her car and Mr Wrong is trapped in the car. When he sees Mary in the mirror and screams. His screams send a shiver down my spine, it is so blood curdling.

Well done to Ms Preston for a great film. I'm glad it was written by a lady. Also great acting from Heather Bolton and cast. But my thumbs up goes to the brillant David Letch who once again gives a fantastic convincing performance. I'm just sorry the guy don't do acting no more.

kathy cox

kathy cox 20 Jan 2009 - 09.22pm

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