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Mr Wrong Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1985 Thriller Adaptation Comedy

Mr Wrong

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1985 Thriller Adaptation Comedy

M Mature
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In director Gaylene Preston's genre-bending tale, Meg (Heather Bolton) buys a stylish old Jaguar so she can be more independent. While driving on a country road, she hears screams in the back – but there's no one there. In the excerpt above, she picks up a mysterious woman in the rain. Later she discovers that the woman was the car's previous owner, and she is missing. Now her killer might just be stalking Meg too. For their first, acclaimed feature, Preston and producer Robin Laing rented out local cinemas, conclusively proving that Mr Wrong had an audience.

The queues were so long they went right around the corner and around the block so we'd race down there and help sell the ice creams to speed things up.
– Director Gaylene Preston, on screening Mr Wrong at Wellington's Paramount Cinema, Dominion Post, February 2014

Produced by

Preston*Laing Productions


Available to rent and buy from NZ Film on Demand; and buy on DVD from Gaylene Preston Productions


Made with funding from the New Zealand Film Commission in association with Barclays New Zealand Ltd

Presented with thanks to the New Zealand Film Heritage Trust – Te Puna Ataata


Music composed by Jonathan Crayford, and played by members of the Wellington Regional Ochestra and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Lyrics written and sung by Kelly Johnson