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Merata Mita’s Patu! is a startling documentary record of the mass civil disobedience that took place throughout New Zealand during the winter of 1981, in protest against a South African rugby tour. Testament to the courage and faith of both the filmmakers and marchers, Patu! is a landmark in New Zealand's film history. It staunchly contradicts claims by author Gordon McLauchlan a couple of years earlier that New Zealanders were "a passionless people".


A Perspective by Mihi Murray 31.08.2008

Merata Mita's Patu! is a remarkable protest story told in the face of adversity, and a monument to a time when New Zealand was torn in two by the 1981 Springbok rugby tour. You were either ...

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 Jerry Mclary

Jerry Mclary


 lyman moriarty

lyman moriarty

ive just watched an event that im proud that happened and give thanks to the peoples who stood up for the truth... what took place is a part of world history.....Biko...Mandala...or Piggy Muldoon....take your pick....two men a mountain...the other very much a loner glorified by nothiness and major shortsightedness...this event should be part of 'education awareness'and made available to every living Kiwi......thanks to all those that participated..

 dont worry.

dont worry.

mean maori cuz!!




 Robert Lopa

Robert Lopa

I watched this doc back in 2009 when I was in school and just felt like watching it again, properly this time. Just couldn't believe in everything that took place. So proud of the people of New Zealand who tried their best to end the tour. I really can't believe those police officers back then, real pricks to be honest.

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Yes, Patu! has a Māori perspective, but it does not override the mass mobilisation of New Zealand's white middle class, neither does it take credit from those who rightly deserve it, everyone who put themselves on the line. My perspective encourages people to look at themselves and examine the ground they stand on. 
We do not fear you. We might shed blood on the road, we might show some bruises tonight, but at least we can sleep with a clear conscience, we will sleep with a clear conscience. Many of you won’t. Some of you might think you will, but history is on our side, and that’s what matters [...]. History is always on the side of the people, not armies, not policemen and not governments. History is always on the side of the people. 


2012 UNESCO Memory of the World
Listed in the New Zealand Register for Documentary Heritage

Festivals include
2013 Berlin, 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, All Roads Indigenous Film Festival (United States), 1983 and 2006 New Zealand Film Festival