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In director Geoff Murphy's cult sci-fi feature a global energy project has malfunctioned and scientist Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) awakes to find himself the only living being left on earth. At first he lives out his fantasies, helping himself to cars and clothes, before the implications of being 'man alone' sink in, along with his own culpability in the disaster. As this awareness sends him to the brink of madness, he discovers two other survivors. One of them is a woman. Los Angeles Daily News gushed: “quite simply the best science-fiction film of the 80s”.


A Perspective by Richard King 22.10.2008

The Quiet Earth was New Zealand's first big screen foray into the sci-fi genre. Made fairly soon after the nation proudly declared itself nuclear-free, the story concerns a global energy project which goes horribly wrong, and wipes out ...

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 Sam B

Sam B

This is an amazing film that I watching many years ago. It's one of those iconic films that continues to resonate long after it was screened. The thought of being the last person on Earth - it still sends shivers down my spine. And I thought Bruno was perfectly cast for that role. This film was so well made I thought it was an American production. I'm glad to be corrected on that score!

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Few performances equal Bruno's in The Quiet Earth. I can only think of Spencer Tracey in The Old Man and the Sea to match his solo role. Tracey held the audience for twenty minutes; Bruno kept the audience on the edge of their seats for twice that time.... 
While the film could be filed under 'political allegory' or 'science fiction', it is equally a character study, an exposition of existentialism, and a rollicking action movie in which a hero must beat a countdown. 


1987 Listener GOFTA Film and Television Awards
Best Film
Best Director: Geoff Murphy
Best Screenplay Adaptation: Bill Baer, Sam Pillsbury &  Bruno Lawrence
Best Male Performance: Bruno Lawrence
Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role: Pete Smith
Best Cinematography: James Bartle
Best Editing: Michael Horton
Best Production Design: Josephine Ford

1986 Madrid Film Festival
Best Director: Geoff Murphy

1986 Fanta Festival (Fantasy Film Festival, Italy)
Best Direction: Geoff Murphy
Best Actor: Bruno Lawrence

1986 Tashkent Film Festival (ex Soviet Union)
Special Jury Prize for Peace