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Trio at the Top

Television (Full Length) – 2001

Bob Miller
Bob Miller
21 Feb 2018 - 07.15pm
I just finished viewing Trio at The Top. I was and still am a huge fan of CanAm and McLaren motor sports. What a fine job that was done to give credit to a trio of racing drivers who not only made international contributions to motor racing, but also to a countries legacy. What an amazing story of life so short, of dedication to one's best friends, and the tragedies of life. Ending on a high note, there will never be another real life experience like this. I salute the Kiwi's.
John Johansen
John Johansen
8 Feb 2018 - 10.14pm
Wonderful series. I have been a fan of Team McLaren since I attended my first race, which was the 1970 Mosport Can-Am not two weeks after Bruce passed away. Also saw Peter Revson win the 1973 Canadian Grand Prix in a McLaren, only a few months before he died in South Africa. I had the pleasure of a brief chat with Denny Hulme while getting an autograph. I always appreciated that a former World Champion took the time to spend a couple of private moments with a young fan.
As a Canadian, I am always proud that we were the 'Can' in 'Can-Am', and that Mosport held more Can-Am races than any other circuit. I still dream of seeing a McLaren M20 thundering around my home track.
29 Aug 2011 - 01.03am
another group of racing legends that get more recognition in europe than in their own country what a shame they dont have the same level of respect at home as they have in europe as along with brabham they led the rest of the world in motorsport at the time and what a legacy bruce has left with the team that still bears his name.
29 Mar 2010 - 09.59am
There's a 'where to buy' link below, but in case you miss it - you can buy this through marbecks:
Tony Willis
Tony Willis
28 Mar 2010 - 06.52pm
I just came across this documentary. Great stuff! I was lucky enough to see Bruce, Denny and Chris race at several locations in the 1960s. In particular I remember Bruce and Chris driving their Mclaren M1s at the firsgt Can-Am race at St.Jovite in 1966. I was also there when Denny won the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring in 1967 - there's a video called 'The Ringmasters' which is solely about that race. This documentary is certainly the best one I've ever seen about these three drivers and their relationships with their families and other people. If there was a DVD available I'd certainly buy it.
Jean Pierre Chaume
Jean Pierre Chaume
23 Mar 2010 - 12.27pm
Simply outstanding !

From France with respect and passion...
Glenn McMillan
Glenn McMillan
18 Dec 2009 - 02.29pm
Purchased my copy! I only left my comment two weeks ago and now here it is!!!
Julian Chisnall
Julian Chisnall
30 Nov 2009 - 08.48pm
Just found this DVD at Marbecks ( Hope this helps people get a copy of this great tribute to 3 NZ Motorsport legends
Glenn McMillan
Glenn McMillan
26 Nov 2009 - 08.47am
Time for a DVD of this, I'm sure it would be a good seller here and overseas. My VHS copy is getting a bit worn.
didier Legent
didier Legent
25 Nov 2009 - 09.50pm
Enfin un vrai film sur nos héros d'adolescence !
Si c'est possible d'obtenir ce film, en version DVD, il aurait un succès fou en France !
Quel bonheur de revoir ces 3 personnages Neo-zélandais depuis ma petite France !
Julian Chisnall
Julian Chisnall
10 Oct 2009 - 08.39pm
Have finally caught this at Te Papa earlier today. A must for the shelf !!

Can't wait for a link to purchase it !
16 Jul 2009 - 12.50pm
For now this documentary is only available on NZ On Screen! If it becomes available to buy at some point in the future we will link to it from here.
Leonard Mishik
Leonard Mishik
16 Jul 2009 - 12.45pm
Please make this available on DVD!

Lenny M.
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