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Radio Waves charted the “lives and loves” of a commercial Auckland radio station. In this episode drive-time DJ Win Savage (Grant Bridger) champions roll-on deodorant “for the ozone” and piques advertisers. Andy Anderson is a randy ‘jock’ and Alan Dale is urbane station manager Jack. It was Dale’s screen debut, before finding fame in Australia (Neighbours) and the US (24, Lost, Ugly Betty). Waves was short-lived — The Bee Gees and flares weren’t enough for viewers to shut the farm gate — but its upbeat urban strivers signaled a changing face for NZ on screen.

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 Max Power

Max Power | website

In Canada, the CBC had a show called "Airwaves" in 1996.

The radio topic came back with "Drop the beat" in the 2000s with the CBC doing the program commissioning again.

But with the Cold War over and in North America -- the mass uptake of Cable TV -- radio has mostly ceased to the be the strategic asset that it once was.

 Darren Schroeder

Darren Schroeder | website

Cool closing credits

Produced by

 South Pacific Television


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Look I chase ratings too, but I’m not going to turn my station into some simpering jukebox just to pull in money! 
You know I must be crazy: I’m going to spend this beautiful, multi-coloured fantastic afternoon in that booth ... like a lost soul in a fishbowl! 
Well there you are Auckland: another morning of pure vocal gold piped into every home. 
Actually it wasn’t Neighbours, but a TV series in New Zealand called Radio Waves, which wouldn’t mean a thing to anyone over here [in the UK]. It was nine months of solid work and great fun. When that ended I went to Australia because there was nothing happening in New Zealand – no theatre, no movies, no real television to speak of – and that led to the next big break, when I got into The Young Doctors and stayed for three and a half years.