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It is I Count Homogenized - Episode

Television, 1983 (Full Length Episode)

Every Second Counts - 8 October 1987

Television, 1987 (Full Length Episode)

On Camera - Count Basie

Television, 1971 (Full Length)


It is I Count Homogenized

Television, 1983


Every Second Counts

Television, 1987–1989

Inquiry - Checking Prices, Counting Costs

Television, 1974 (Full Length Episode)

Out for the Count

Knightshade, Music Video, 1987

Counting the Beat

The Swingers, Music Video, 1981

NZ On Screen - See Us Go

Web, 2015 (Trailer)

A Haunting We Will Go - Cellar Ghost

Television, 1980 (Full Length Episode)


A Haunting We Will Go

Television, 1979–1980

Woolly Valley - Series One Compilation

Television, 1982 (Full Length Episodes)

A Woman's Right to Shoes

Short Film, 2017 (Full Length)

A Haunting We Will Go - Pilot Episode

Television, 1977 (Full Length)

After School - Māorimind (Episode)

Television, 1981 (Full Length Episode)

Do or Die - Lost in the Bush

Television, 2002 (Excerpts)

Dare to Be Free

Television, 2004 (Full Length)

Intrepid Journeys - Libya (Jeremy Wells)

Television, 2007 (Excerpts)

Memories of Service 1 - James Easton

Web, 2015 (Full Length)

Memories of Service 3 - Wayne Chester

Web, 2016 (Full Length)

Encounter - I Think I Go to New Zealand

Television, 1976 (Full Length)

Moynihan - You Can't Win 'Em All (Episode Two)

Television, 1976 (Full Length Episode)

Shipwreck - The Tragedy of the Boyd

Television, 2000 (Full Length)

The Family

Television, 1999 (Full Length)

The Legend of the Whanganui River

Short Film, 1952 (Full Length)

Michael Galvin on meeting the triplets

Web, 2017 (Extras)

Koha - Hone Tuwhare

Television, 1981 (Full Length Episode)

Islands of the Gulf - Great Barrier

Television, 1964 (Full Length Episode)

Expressions of Sexuality - Singles

Television, 1987 (Full Length Episode)

One Good Reason

The Swingers, Music Video, 1979

Revolution - 2, The Grand Illusion

Television, 1996 (Full Length Episode)

Teach You a Lesson

Short Film, 2000 (Full Length)

Dinah Lee Special

Television, 1965 (Excerpts)

Memories of Service 5 - Ray Green

Web, 2017 (Full Length Episode)

Pulp Comedy - Series Seven, Episode Three (Taika Waititi)

Television, 2003 (Full Length Episode)


Rocked the Nation

Television, 2008–2011

Weekly Review No. 140 - Easter Action on Bougainville

Short Film, 1944 (Full Length)

A Week of It - Christmas Special

Television, 1979 (Full Length Episode)

Memories of Service 5 - Joan Daniel

Web, 2017 (Full Length Episode)

Shark in the Park - Prospects (Series Two, Episode One)

Television, 1990 (Full Length Episode)


Woolly Valley

Television, 1982

Play School - Presenter Compilation

Television, 1980–1987 (Excerpts)


Tales of the Mist

Television, 1986

Autumn Fires

Television, 1977 (Full Length)

Captain's Log - Episode Three

Television, 2001 (Full Length Episode)

Tales of the Mist - The Girl in the Cabbage Tree

Television, 1986 (Full Length Episode)

Pulp Sport - Series Seven, Episode Three

Television, 2009 (Full Length Episode)

Rubbings from a Live Man

Film, 2008 (Trailer and Excerpts)


Clap Clap Riot

Rocked the Nation - No 46: Rock N' Roll Ponsonby

Television, 2008 (Excerpts)

Melody Rules - Going, Going ... Goner (First Episode)

Television, 1995 (Full Length Episode)

An Audience with the King

Television, 2001 (Full Length)

Team Tibet - Home Away from Home

Film, 2017 (Trailer)


The Swingers


The Suburban Reptiles




Television, 2006 (Excerpts)

Off the Rails - Rail Rider (Episode Nine)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)


Ruby Frost

Great War Stories 2 - Hāmi Grace

Television, 2015 (Full Length Episode)

Memories of Service 3 - Laurence Reynolds

Web, 2016 (Full Length)

Sunday - Bill Roache interview

Television, 2013 (Excerpts)

The South Tonight - Johnny Devlin

Television, 1972 (Excerpts)

My God - Ray Avery

Television, 2011 (Full Length Episode)

Great War Stories 1 - Bess and the War Horses

Television, 2014 (Full Length Episode)


Short Film, 1954 (Full Length)

Great War Stories 1 - Keith Caldwell

Television, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Koha - Billy T James

Television, 1983

First Hand - Sister to the Sinner

Television, 1992 (Full Length Episode)

Night of the Red Hunter - Telefeature

Television, 1989 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1992 (Full Length)

It's Only Wednesday (Series One, Episode Nine)

Television, 1988 (Full Length Episode)

Great War Stories 1 - Rikihana Carkeek

Television, 2014 (Full Length Episode)


Film, 1987 (Excerpts)


Go Girls

Television, 2009–2013

Gloss - Kevin Smith's TV debut

Television, 1989 (Excerpts)

40 Years of Country Calendar

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)


Country Calendar

Television, 1966–ongoing

The Mighty Civic

Television, 1988 (Excerpts)

Māori Battalion - March to Victory

Television, 1990 (Full Length)

Jack Brown Genius

Film, 1995 (Trailer)

Wrestling with the Angel

Television, 2004 (Excerpts)

Don't Let it Get You

Film, 1966 (Trailer and Excerpts)



Television, 1987–1990

Pictorial Parade No. 200 - Kb Country

Short Film, 1968 (Full Length)

Channelling Baby

Film, 1999 (Trailer)