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Film (Trailer) – 2017

We are predators: we’ve got two eyes in our head that face forward. We’re designed to harvest meat.
– Deer hunter Josh
I kind of struggle with people who eat meat, but they don't realise the process an animal goes through to get to their plate.
– Deer hunter Josh’s difficult for a farmer who spends a lot of time looking after animals to be told by an outsider that you’re doing it wrong.
– Pig farmer Ian
...I wanted to create a film that was down the middle and that explored the nuances of meat production — moving the conversation beyond a simple matter of black and white ... I wanted people to see four different meat farms and farmers, and hear them talk about their farming practices in their own words. The audience could then make up their own minds or ask questions about the meat they were purchasing.
– David White on his documentary Meat, in 2017 book Kai and Culture: Food Stories from Aotearoa
I learnt very quickly that food isn't simple. In fact food is so complex that I had to reject the preconceived ideas I had about how free range was altogether better for everyone, and had to reconsider just how 'green' my practices were overall.
– Writer/director David White on making Meat, in 2017 book Kai and Culture: Food Stories from Aotearoa