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The Unauthorised History of New Zealand - Visitors (Episode One)

Television (Excerpts) – 2005


This 'alternative' version of New Zealand history was made by the team behind Eating Media Lunch. Channelling Kenneth Cumberland —presenter of heavyweight 80s series Landmarks— Jeremy Wells plumbs the TV archives to poke fun at New Zealand, and its people. Some excruciating hilarity is mined from artifacts of visitation to southern shores, from Bill Clinton to the Beatles. Muhammad Ali's fast food tastes down under are examined; the Dalai Lama finds bad karma in Christchurch; Charles and Diana visit in 1981; and mirth is mined from all things ovine.

As a backward and stupid people, we cream ourselves over any form of royalty.
– Jeremy Wells

Key Cast & Crew

Paul Casserly

Director, Producer, Writer

Jonathan Brough


Jeremy Wells

Writer, Presenter

Claire Logan

Producer, Research

Graeme Hill


Lee Baker

Writer, Field Director

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