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Science Express - 1984 'Best of'

Television, 1984 (Full Length Episode)


Science Express

Television, 1981–1985


Misfits of Science

Exhuming Adams

Television, 2005 (Full Length)

Fool's Love

Misfits of Science, Music Video, 2003

Some Kind of Love

Film, 2014 (Trailer)

No Ordinary Sun

Short Film, 2004 (Full Length)


Fast Forward

Television, 1985–1989


Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Television, 2011

In the Nature of Things - Vitamins and Enzymes

Television, 1973 (Full Length Episode)

Fast Forward - New Boat, Sail of the Century

Television, 1986 (Excerpts)

Paul Callaghan: Dancing with Atoms

Film, 2018 (Trailer)


Let's Get Inventin'

Television, 2006–2012

Fast Forward - What a Weigh to Go

Television, 1986 (Excerpts)


Suzy's World

Television, 1999–2002

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger - Episode Two

Television, 2011 (Full Length Episode)

Venus: A Quest

Film, 2013 (Full Length)

Such a Stupid Way to Die

Short Film, 1971 (Full Length)

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy

Film, 2016 (Trailer)

The Quiet Earth

Film, 1985 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Suzy's World - Digestion (Episode)

Television, 1999 (Full Length Episode)

QTV - First Episode

Television, 2005 (Excerpts)


Film, 2014 (Trailer)

Apple Pie

Film, 2016 (Trailer)

Let's Get Inventin' - Rocket Skates

Television, 2006 (Full Length Episode)

The Men on the Hill: Keith Holyoake

Television, 1965 (Full Length Episode)


The Boy From Andromeda

Television, 1990

The Boy from Andromeda - The Guardian

Television, 1990 (Full Length Episode)


Under the Mountain

Television, 1981


Mirror Mirror

Television, 1995–1997


Life on Ben

Television, 2003

Out of the Dark

Television, 1996 (Full Length)

Loading Docs 2018 - What Logan Did

Web, 2018 (Full Length)


Short Film, 2014 (Full Length)


Film, 1980 (Excerpts)

Let's Get Inventin' - Lazy Boy

Television, 2006 (Full Length Episode)

Night Sky - 10 Years of Night Sky

Television, 1973 (Full Length Episode)


Night Sky

Television, 1963–1974


Children of the Dog Star

Television, 1984

Typhon's People

Television, 1993 (Excerpts)

Event 16

Film, 2006 (Full Length)

Rutherford of Nelson

Short Film, 1972 (Full Length)


Film, 1980 (Full Length)

Wildtrack - From Mountains to Sea Floor

Television, 1990 (Full Length Episode)

Vostok Station

Short Film, 2009 (Full Length)

3 News - 'Corngate' interview with Helen Clark

Television, 2002 (Excerpts)

Planet Man

Short Film, 1995 (Full Length)


Extraordinary Kiwis

Television, 2005–2010

Birth with Dr. R.D. Laing

Television, 1977 (Full Length)

Letters about the Weather

Short Film, 1999 (Full Length)

Nature's Way

Short Film, 2006 (Full Length)


The Kids From O.W.L.

Television, 1984

Night Sky - Sun Eclipse

Television, 1965 (Full Length Episode)

Extraordinary Kiwis - Clarke in Antarctica

Television, 2008 (Full Length)

The Cul de Sac - First Episode

Television, 2016 (Full Length)

Children of the Dog Star - Power Stop

Television, 1984 (Full Length Episode)

Allan Wilson: Evolutionary

Film, 2008 (Full Length)


Film, 2012 (Trailer)

Mirror Mirror - First Episode

Television, 1995 (Full Length Episode)

The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey

Film, 1988 (Trailer and Excerpts)


Short Film, 2016 (Full Length)

Farming in New Zealand

Short Film, 1952 (Full Length)

The Kids From O.W.L. - Series Two, Episode One

Television, 1984 (Full Length Episode)

Pictorial Parade No. 23 - Pumicelands

Short Film, 1954 (Full Length)

Under the Mountain - The Alien World Below (Episode Four)

Television, 1981 (Full Length Episode)

Life On Ben - Series One Compilation

Television, 2003 (Full Length Episodes)

Under the Mountain

Film, 2009 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)


In the Nature of Things

Television, 1964–1977


Short Sportz

Television, 1991–1993

Pictorial Parade No. 120 - Samoan Family

Short Film, 1961 (Full Length)



Television, 1981

In the Morning

Anika Moa, Music Video, 2005

The Right Track

Short Film, 1984 (Full Length)



Television, 2013

Nothing's Going To Happen

Tall Dwarfs, Music Video, 1981

Sione's 2 - Unfinished Business

Film, 2012 (Trailer and Extras)

The One

The Exiles, Music Video, 2006


Nigel Stanford, Music Video, 2014

Moa's Ark : Building the Ark

Television, 1990 (Full Length)


Pavlova Paradise Revisited

Television, 2002

Survey - Take Three Passions

Television, 1972 (Full Length)

Gone Curling

Short Film, 2011 (Excerpts)

Wicked Weather - The Wind

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)

Hang Time

Film, 2019 (Trailer)

Meet New Zealand

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)

The Friday Conference - Abraham Ordia interview

Television, 1976 (Full Length)

Hokonui Todd

Television, 1991 (Full Length)

The Brain that Wouldn't Die

Tall Dwarfs, Music Video, 1984


Short Film, 2013 (Full Length)

Compass - First Five Years of Television

Television, 1966 (Full Length)


Wicked Weather

Television, 2005

University Challenge - 1987 Final

Television, 1987 (Full Length Episode)


The Men on the Hill

Television, 1965


Spin Doctors

Television, 2001–2003


Zed, Music Video, 1999

Hot Air

Film, 2014 (Full Length)

Death of the Land

Television, 1978 (Full Length)

The Robin's Return

Television, 1982 (Full Length Episode)


Maddigan's Quest

Television, 2005

Seven Black Robins

Television, 1981 (Full Length)

The Black Robin - A Chatham Island Story

Television, 1989 (Full Length)