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Born to Dance

Film, 2015 (Trailer)

The Man Who Couldn't Dance

Short Film, 2005 (Full Length)

The Heart Dances - The Journey of The Piano: the Ballet

Film, 2018 (Trailer)

Hey Paris

Short Film, 1987 (Full Length)

Ballet in New Zealand

Short Film, 1963 (Full Length)

Pictorial Parade No. 122 - Western Samoa Independence Day

Short Film, 1962 (Full Length)

Our Stars of Ballet

Short Film, 1960 (Full Length)

Loading Docs 2017 - The Coffin Club

Web, 2017 (Full Length)

Weekly Review No. 346 - Rhythm and Movement

Short Film, 1948 (Full Length)

Doodlin' - Impressions of Len Lye

Television, 1987 (Full Length)

Loading Docs 2015 - Please Open

Web, 2015 (Full Length)

Radio with Pictures - David Bowie

Television, 1982 (Excerpts)


Film, 2001 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Impressions of New Zealand

Short Film, 1985 (Full Length)

Recovering from a Coronary

Short Film, 1970 (Full Length)

Pictorial Parade No. 36

Short Film, 1955 (Full Length)

Pictorial Parade No. 79

Short Film, 1958 (Full Length)

Behind Our Planes

Short Film, 1942 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1952 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1998 (Full Length)

For Arts Sake - Mary Jane O'Reilly

Television, 1996 (Full Length)

White Lie

Short Film, 2007 (Full Length)

The Making of Bread & Roses

Television, 1993 (Full Length)

The Palace - First Episode

Television, 2016 (Full Length Episode)


Kete Aronui

Television, 2002–2010


Film, 2013 (Trailer)

Black Grace - From Cannon's Creek to Jacob's Pillow

Television, 2005 (Full Length)

Swinging the Lambeth Walk

Len Lye, Music Video, 1939

Apple Pie

Film, 2016 (Trailer)

The Creakers

Short Film, 1997 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1990 (Full Length)

Whistle She Rolls

Short Film, 1996 (Full Length)

Live At Mainstreet - Dance Exponents

Television, 1983 (Full Length)

Pasifika 2005

Television, 2005 (Excerpts)

This House Can Fit Us All

Little Pictures, Music Video, 2008

Karma Killer

The Sagittarian, Music Video, 2007

Kaleidoscope - New Zealand School of Dance

Television, 1984 (Full Length)


Tiki Taane, Music Video, 2007


Short Film, 1994 (Full Length)


What Now?

Television, 1981–present

Seek Know More

50Hz, Music Video, 2002


Short Film, 1997 (Full Length)


Short Film, 2004 (Full Length)

The Topp Twins: - Untouchable Girls

Film, 2009 (Trailer and Excerpts)


The Country Touch

Television, 1968–1970


Short Film, 1964 (Full Length)

Ahi Ataahua

Short Film, 1998 (Full Length)

Weekly Review No. 267 - Winter Sports at Mount Cook

Short Film, 1946 (Full Length)

Royal Visit to the Kingdom of Tonga

Short Film, 1954 (Full Length)

Song of the South Seas - The Life and Music of Bill Sevesi

Short Film, 1992 (Full Length)



Without a Doubt

Che Fu, Music Video, 1998

The 1975 Leaders Debate

Television, 1975 (Full Length)

Eau de la Vie

Short Film, 1994 (Full Length)

Loading Docs 2015 - Dancing in the Dark

Web, 2015 (Full Length)

Radio with Pictures - David Bowie on tour

Television, 1983 (Excerpts)

Sound the Trumpets Beat the Drums

Television, 1969 (Full Length)

New Zealand Mirror No. 14

Short Film, 1952 (Full Length)

K' Road Stories - Sugar Hit

Web, 2015 (Full Length)

Moana Roa

Short Film, 1951 (Full Length)

Flip & Two Twisters

Television, 1995 (Full Length)


Artists Prepare

Short Film, 1980

Nothing Special

Short Film, 2005 (Full Length)

Crystal Chain

The Subliminals, Music Video, 1999

The Art of Recovery

Film, 2015 (Trailer)

Ken Douglas: Traitor or Visionary?

Television, 2006 (Full Length)

Mes Mer...

Short Film, 1998 (Full Length)


The Hot Grits, Music Video, 2008


The Palace

Television, 2016

Haka - A Musical and a History

Short Film, 1988 (Full Length)

Don't Worry Bout It

Kings, Music Video, 2015

Freshwater Dive

Short Film, 1975 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)

The Silent One

Film, 1984 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Sweet As Candy

Short Film, 2003 (Excerpts)

Weekly Review No. 355 - Railway Worker

Short Film, 1948 (Full Length)

Point Your Toes, Cushla!

Short Film, 1998 (Full Length)

The Kauri

Short Film, 1978 (Full Length)

Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang

Monte Video and the Cassettes, Music Video, 1982

Back River Road

Film, 2001 (Full Length)

Funny Things Happen Down Under

Film, 1965 (Full Length)

I Will Not Let You Down

Don McGlashan, Music Video, 2006

Danny Down Under

Television, 1980 (Full Length)


Loves Ugly Children, Music Video, 1997

Sunday - Don McGlashan

Television, 2003 (Excerpts)

Loading Docs 2014 - Baba

Web, 2014 (Full Length)

New Zealand Is Yours - Nightlife

Short Film, 1974 (Full Length)


The Living Room

Television, 2002–2006

The Years Back - 10, The Final Peace (Episode 10)

Television, 1973 (Full Length Episode)

The Lion and the Kiwi

Film, 1959 (Full Length)

Magik and Rose

Film, 1999 (Trailer and Excerpts)


Film, 2001 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Pictorial Parade No. 200 - Kb Country

Short Film, 1968 (Full Length)

The Singing Trophy

Short Film, 1992 (Full Length)


The Governor

Television, 1977

The Making of The Governor

Television, 1977 (Full Length)

Velvet Dreams

Television, 1997 (Full Length)