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Ngaio Marsh Theatre - Died in the Wool

Television, 1978 (Full Length Episode)

Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards 1978

Television, 1978 (Full Length)

Shearing Technique

Short Film, 1958 (Full Length)

Pictorial Parade No. 164 - Miss World in NZ

Short Film, 1965 (Full Length)

Country Calendar - Cashmere

Television, 1986 (Excerpts)

Over the Sea and Near Away

Short Film, 1966 (Full Length)

The Friday Conference - Robert Muldoon interview

Television, 1976 (Full Length)

This Town - First Episode

Television, 2013 (Full Length Episode)

Come on to New Zealand

Short Film, 1980 (Full Length)

Four Shorts on Architecture

Short Film, 1975 (Full Length)

Pioneer House - Episode Two

Television, 2001 (Full Length Episode)

Three New Zealanders: Ngaio Marsh

Television, 1977 (Full Length)

Country Calendar - Blow by Blow (Godfrey Bowen)

Television, 1984 (Full Length Episode)

Rip It Up - performed by Tom Sharplin

Television, 1985 (Excerpts)

Between the Lines: Denis Glover 1912-1980

Television, 2005 (Excerpts)

Te Araroa: Tales from the Trails - First Episode

Television, 2015 (Full Length Episode)

Billy T James - A Celebration

Television, 1995 (Full Length)



Television, 1996–1998

Falling Sparrows

Short Film, 2000 (Full Length)

Polynesian Panthers

Television, 2010 (Full Length)

Who Was Here Before Us?

Television, 2000 (Full Length)

AA Torque Show - Series Two, Episode Seven

Television, 2007 (Full Length Episode)

Goodbye Pork Pie

Film, 1981 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

No Mean Feat

Television, 2002 (Full Length)


The Art of the Architect

Television, 2014

The Ray Woolf Show - Christmas Special

Television, 1979 (Full Length Episode)

A Going Concern (short clip)

Television, 1975 (Excerpts)


Short Film, 2015 (Full Length)


Close to Home

Television, 1975–1983



Television, 1971–1972


Town and Around

Television, 1965–1970

It Helps to Be Mad

Short Film, 1966 (Full Length)



Television, 1986

Decimal Currency Changeover

Commercial, 1967 (Full Length)

The Dump

Short Film, 2012 (Full Length)


The X Factor (NZ)

Television, 2013–2015

Sing Special - 12 November 1975

Television, 1975 (Full Length)

Pheno was Here

Short Film, 1982 (Full Length)

Rangi's Catch

Film, 1973 (Excerpts)

Serve and Protect

Short Film, 2013 (Full Length)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 12, Goodbye Hazel (Episode 12)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 11, Into The Night (Episode 11)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 08, Pontoon (Episode Eight)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Our Lost War

Television, 2005 (Excerpts)

Sailing Away

All of Us, Music Video, 1986

From Len Lye to Gollum - New Zealand Animators

Television, 2004 (Full Length)

Going Going Gone - First Episode

Television, 2000 (Full Length Episode)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 06, Artsy Fartsy (Episode Six)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 07, Wonderland (Episode Seven)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Penny Black

Film, 2015 (Trailer)

C'mon - Series One, Final Episode

Television, 1967 (Full Length Episode)

Penny Lane - performed by Ray Woolf

Television, 1985 (Excerpts)


Television, 2000 (Full Length)

Back River Road

Film, 2001 (Full Length)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 04, The Scrap (Episode Four)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 03, Lucas (Episode Three)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)

Nia's Extra Ordinary Life - 01, Stones (First Episode)

Web, 2014 (Full Length Episode)


Television, 2012 (Excerpts)

The Insatiable Moon

Film, 2010 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)


Marlin Bay

Television, 1992–1994

The Mackenzie Affair - Tancred (Final Episode)

Television, 1977 (Full Length Episode)

Off the Rails - Good as Gold (Episode 10)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)


Street Legal

Television, 2000–2005


The Mackenzie Affair

Television, 1977


The Ray Woolf Show/The New Ray Woolf Show

Television, 1979–1981

Billy T: Te Movie

Film, 2011 (Trailer)


Let's Go

Television, 1964–1966



Television, 1974–1975


Shortland Street

Television, 1992–ongoing


The Strip

Television, 2002–2003


Play School

Television, 1972–1990



Television, 1967–1969


Nothing Trivial

Television, 2011–2013


William Shatner's A Twist in the Tale

Television, 1998

Homeward Bound - First Episode

Television, 1992 (Full Length Episode)

Kaleidoscope - Toss Woollaston

Television, 1987 (Full Length)

Nathan Haines Family Album

Television, 2005 (Full Length)

King Kong

Film, 2005 (Trailer)

Letters about the Weather

Short Film, 1999 (Full Length)

Whare Taonga - First Episode

Television, 2012 (Full Length Episode)

Making Utu

Television, 1982 (Excerpts)

Marlin Bay - Series Three, Episode 11

Television, 1994 (Excerpts)

Toa Hunter-Gatherer - First Episode

Television, 2016 (Full Length Episode)

One of Them!

Television, 1997 (Full Length)

In the Shadow of King Lear

Television, 1996 (Full Length)

Walkie Talkie Man

Steriogram, Music Video, 2004

Country Calendar - Spoofs Special

Television, 1999 (Full Length)

Impressions of New Zealand

Short Film, 1985 (Full Length)

Town and Around: Turkeys In Gumboots

Television, 1968 (Excerpts)

Godzone Sheep

Television, 1995 (Full Length)

Loading Docs 2016 - The Colourist

Web, 2016 (Full Length)

The State Visit to New Zealand of Their Imperial Majesties the Shahanshah Aryamehr and the Shahbanou of Iran 1974

Short Film, 1974 (Full Length)


Ngaio Marsh Theatre

Television, 1978

Funny Things Happen Down Under

Film, 1965 (Full Length)

Behind the Bull

Short Film, 2000 (Full Length)

A Sense of Involvement

Short Film, 1977 (Full Length)

40 Years of Country Calendar

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)


Country Calendar

Television, 1966–ongoing

Pukemanu - Pukemanu Welcomes You

Television, 1971 (Full Length Episode)