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Toy Love, Music Video, 1980

Godzone Sheep

Television, 1995 (Full Length)

Cold Feet Gold Sheep

Television, 1986 (Full Length)

Black Sheep

Film, 2007 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

The Adventures of Massey Ferguson - Missing Sheep (Series One, Episode 10)

Television, 2004 (Full Length)


Short Film, 1965 (Full Length)

40 Years of Country Calendar

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)


Short Film, 1986 (Full Length)

A Dog's Show - 1981 Final

Television, 1981 (Full Length Episode)

Heartland - Omarama

Television, 1993 (Excerpts)

Kea - Mountain Parrot

Television, 1993 (Full Length)

Woolly Valley - Series One Compilation

Television, 1982 (Full Length Episodes)


Journeys Across Latitude 45 South

Television, 1985

Waiorongomai - Waters of Repute

Television, 1996 (Excerpts)

Country Calendar - Spoofs Special

Television, 1999 (Full Length)


A Dog's Show

Television, 1977–1992

About Face - The Lamb of God

Television, 1985 (Full Length)

The Snowline is Their Boundary

Short Film, 1955 (Full Length)

The Pen - Schedule

Short Film, 2010 (Full Length)

Fast Forward - What a Weigh to Go

Television, 1986 (Excerpts)

Country Calendar - Blow by Blow (Godfrey Bowen)

Television, 1984 (Full Length Episode)

Skellerup Young Farmer of the Year 1981

Television, 1981 (Full Length Episode)

First Hand - Paradise Lost

Television, 1992 (Full Length Episode)

She Shears

Film, 2018 (Trailer)

Epitaph - Last Man Hanged

Television, 1997 (Full Length Episode)

Outdoor Dogs

Short Film, 1953 (Full Length)

Weekly Review No. 407

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)

Journeys Across Latitude 45 South (part one) - Changes

Television, 1985 (Full Length Episode)

Ngaio Marsh Theatre - Died in the Wool

Television, 1978 (Full Length Episode)

Beyond the Bombay Hills

Television, 1986 (Full Length)

The New Zealanders

Short Film, 1978 (Full Length)

Come on to New Zealand

Short Film, 1980 (Full Length)

Weekly Review No. 183

Short Film, 1945 (Full Length)

Shearing Technique

Short Film, 1958 (Full Length)

Bidibidi - First Episode

Television, 1990 (Full Length Episode)

Rangi's Catch

Film, 1973 (Excerpts)

The Pen - Darren the Bull

Short Film, 2010 (Full Length)

The Mackenzie Affair - Tancred (Final Episode)

Television, 1977 (Full Length Episode)



Television, 1990–1991


Film, 1984 (Trailer and Excerpts)

The WotWots - Whistle Wots (Series Two, Episode 63)

Television, 2011 (Full Length Episode)

Our People Our Century - A Piece of Land

Television, 2000 (Excerpts)

The Irish Connection

Television, 1999 (Full Length)

Meet New Zealand

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)

Weekly Review No. 337 - Wheat Problem 1948

Short Film, 1948 (Full Length)

The Unauthorised History of New Zealand - Visitors (Episode One)

Television, 2005 (Excerpts)

Tilt to the Sun

Short Film, 1966 (Full Length)

Beautiful New Zealand

Short Film, 1949 (Full Length)

C'mon to New Zealand

Short Film, 1969 (Full Length)

Beyond the Roaring Forties

Short Film, 1986 (Full Length)

Norwester - Wind of Contrasts

Television, 1990 (Full Length Episode)

Canterbury is a Hundred

Short Film, 1950 (Full Length)

Amazing New Zealand!

Short Film, 1964 (Full Length)


Film, 2017 (Trailer)

The Real New Zealand

Television, 2000 (Full Length)

A Thousand Apologies - First Episode

Television, 2008 (Full Length Episode)

2007 Montana World of Wearable Art Awards

Television, 2007 (Full Length)

Footrot Flats

Film, 1986 (Trailer)

An Audience with the King

Television, 2001 (Full Length)

Intrepid Journeys - Mali (Te Radar)

Television, 2007 (Excerpts)

Man of the Trees

Television, 1981 (Full Length)

50 Years of New Zealand Television: 6 - A Sense of Identity

Television, 2010 (Full Length Episode)

Turn of the Century

Television, 1987 (Full Length)

The Taking Mood

Short Film, 1969 (Full Length)

Looking at New Zealand - Campbell Island

Television, 1967 (Full Length)


Woolly Valley

Television, 1982

The State Visit to New Zealand of Their Imperial Majesties the Shahanshah Aryamehr and the Shahbanou of Iran 1974

Short Film, 1974 (Full Length)

Eating Media Lunch - Best Of Episode

Television, 2006 (Full Length Episode)

Bloopers - News

Television, 2018 (Excerpts)

Trial Run

Film, 1984 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Wakatipu - The Long Lake

Short Film, 1954 (Full Length)

Bad Taste

Film, 1988 (Trailer)


Country Calendar

Television, 1966–ongoing

Marti: The Passionate Eye

Television, 2004 (Full Length)

Catching the Tide - Sam Hunt's Cook Strait

Film, 1988 (Full Length)


The Pen

Short Film, 2001–2010

Farming in New Zealand

Short Film, 1952 (Full Length)

Pictorial Parade No. 23 - Pumicelands

Short Film, 1954 (Full Length)

Loading Docs 2015 - Conversations with Pets

Web, 2015 (Full Length)

Rabbiter's Rest - A Fair Cop

Television, 1983 (Full Length Episode)

Country Calendar - Daggy and the Dickheads

Television, 1982 (Full Length Episode)

It Helps to Be Mad

Short Film, 1966 (Full Length)

Good Intentions

Short Film, 1989 (Full Length)

Wildtrack - Mount Cook National Park

Television, 1991 (Full Length Episode)

Jet Boats in New Zealand

Short Film, 1961 (Full Length)

First Hand - Out of Work

Television, 1992 (Full Length Episode)


Let's Get Inventin'

Television, 2006–2012


The Mackenzie Affair

Television, 1977


The Games Affair

Television, 1974

NZ Film Commission turns 40 - Past Memories

Web, 2018 (Excerpts)

The Games Affair - A Question of Possibility (Episode One)

Television, 1974 (Full Length Episode)

Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards 1978

Television, 1978 (Full Length)

These New Zealanders - Gore

Television, 1964 (Full Length)

Town and Around: Turkeys In Gumboots

Television, 1968 (Excerpts)

The Prince of Nosey-Parkers

Television, 1972 (Full Length)

Futile Attraction

Film, 2005 (Full Length and Extras)

Good Times Two

Short Film, 1968 (Full Length)


Oscar and Friends

Television, 1996

It's Lizzie to those Close

Television, 1983 (Excerpts)

Good Taste Made Bad Taste

Short Film, 1988 (Excerpts)

Last Paradise

Film, 2013 (Excerpts)

Extraordinary Kiwis - Colin Meads

Television, 2007 (Full Length Episode)

Newsnight - Series One, Episode 171

Television, 1994 (Excerpts)

Under the Mountain

Film, 2009 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

Country Calendar - Cashmere

Television, 1986 (Excerpts)



Television, 2010



Radiradirah - First Episode

Television, 2010 (Full Length Episode)

Poi E

Patea Māori Club, Music Video, 1984

Country Calendar - Rural Fashions

Television, 1978 (Full Length Episode)

Wonderful World - TV One Channel ID

Television, 1991 (Full Length)


About Face

Television, 1985

Magik and Rose

Film, 1999 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Pictorial Parade No. 200 - Kb Country

Short Film, 1968 (Full Length)