Watch Your Back

Hello Sailor, Music Video, 1977

Chosen as the theme tune of Outrageous Fortune spinoff Westside roughly four decades after it was first performed, this guitar and sax-driven rocker appeared on the first album by the legendary, on again off again Hello Sailor. Taken from music show Ready to Roll, this performance sees Brazier and band talking tough in leather about danger on the streets, and "nights like a razor blade". Harry Lyon snarls over his red guitar, Graham Brazier plays a saxophone with a price tag on it, and Dave McArtney adopts classic bored rocker pose.  

Friday Boy

Kirsten Morrell, Music Video, 2009

Director Rachel Davies got the idea for this music video when she was talking to Kirsten Morrell on Skype. As they spoke Morrell's screen face was distorted as the connection slipped. Davies thought it looked beautiful — "like a Picasso" — and replicated the effect for the clip. "I wanted to undercut the lightness of the song with a layer of sadness and confusion. For me, the song is about a girl being messed up over this boy, she doesn't know what to do, she's falling apart, going to pieces, so, in a really simple way, the images show her going to pieces."


The Knobz, Music Video, 1980

In the tradition of novelty songs, ‘Culture?’ was catchy to the point of contagion. Fuelled by carnival keyboards, it was The Knobz response to Prime Minister Rob Muldoon’s refusal to lift a 40% sales tax on recorded music (originally instituted by Labour in 1975), and Muldoon's typically blunt verdict on the cultural merits of pop music (“horrible”). The giddy, hyperactive video comes complete with Muldoon impersonator (Danny Faye), and casts the band as the song’s 'Beehive Boys'. In the backgrounder, Mike Alexander writes about his time as the band's manager.