Crump and scotty   toyota hilux thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

Crumpy and Scotty - Toyota Hilux

Commercial, 1982 (Full Length)


Spike Milligan - Nuclear-free public service announcements

Commercial, 1976 (Excerpts)

Travellin  on key.jpg.540x405.compressed

Travellin' On - Europa (with Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Commercial, 1988 (Full Length)

Edward woodward  save power  thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

Save Power Now! - Edward Woodward

Commercial, 1975 (Full Length)

Radio with pictures   iggy pop key.jpg.540x405.compressed

Radio with Pictures - Iggy Pop

Television, 1979 (Excerpts)


Old Man's Beard Must Go

Television, 1989 (Full Length)

Jose felicano  save power  thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

Go Easy - José Feliciano

Commercial, 1977 (Full Length)


If You're in it, You're in it to the Limit - Bikies

Television, 1972 (Full Length Episode)


Tangi for Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu

Television, 2006 (Excerpts)

I am the river thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

I Am the River

Television, 2010 (Full Length)


Britten - Backyard Visionary

Television, 1994 (Full Length)

Hibiscus   ruthless thumbnail.jpg.540x405.compressed

Hibiscus & Ruthless

Film, 2018 (Trailer)

The top end thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

The Top End of New Zealand

Short Film, 1986 (Full Length)


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Film, 2012 (Trailer)



Film, 2010 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)


Dear John - BASF

Commercial, 1981 (Full Length)

Intrepid journeys   syria and jordan with danielle cormack key.jpg.540x405.compressed

Intrepid Journeys - Syria and Jordan (Danielle Cormack)

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)

What really happened   votes for women thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

What Really Happened - Votes for Women

Television, 2012 (Full Length)


Out of the Blue

Film, 2006 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Film, 2002 (Trailer)

Kentucky fried chicken   hugo key.jpg.540x405.compressed

Hugo and Holly - Kentucky Fried Chicken

Commercial, 1975 (Full Length)


The Best of The Billy T James Collection

Television, 1992 (Full Length)

The gravy s1e12 thumb.jpg.540x405.compressed

The Gravy - Series One, Episode 12

Television, 2007 (Full Length Episode)


The Lovely Bones

Film, 2009 (Trailer)